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How Mirrors Can Impact Your Space

Written by Angela S Colley
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Mirrors can change the look of a space in an instant. In Feng Shui, mirrors represent the water element. Not only do they have a reflective property, they bring in light and create the illusion of expanding space in a room. Mirrors change the flow of energy in any given space and bring a sense of calm. Here are some ways they can impact your space.

Mirrors In Small Spaces
Strategically placing mirrors in a small space will make that space seem larger.

  • In a small bathroom you may have at least one mirror over your sink. Placing a full length mirror on the adjacent wall will create an illusion of additional depth in that space.
  • In a small room placing a mirror across from a window will also add depth to the room.
  • In small bedrooms swap out regular sliding closet doors with mirrored surface doors. They make the room appear spacious.

bath mirror

Mirrors as Artwork
Like paintings, use mirrors on the walls of your favorite room. When looking at the mirror you will get a panoramic view of the room. The view will change as the lighting in the room changes and as you move throughout the space. Hanging a mirror opposite a beautiful painting or sculpture, allows you the opportunity to show it off twice.


Create the Illusion of Space
Using large mirrors in small spaces that receive limited light will instantly create the illusion of depth and airiness. In hallways and landings, use a large mirror or group of mirrors. If the space is narrow, use simple mirrors with narrow frames.


Light Up a Room
If you place a large mirror right angle to a window you will allow additional light to enter the space making the room appear bigger and brighter. In a room that lacks windows, place a bright lamp in front of a mirror to spread artificial light through out that room and adjoining spaces.


Remember, using mirrors is an easy way to create illusions of length and depth in small spaces. Not only do mirrors reflect natural and artificial light to get rid of dark areas, they impact your décor. Play around with different mirror layouts and styles until you find what works for you.


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