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5 Tips to Make Your Small Space Look Large

Written by Angela S Colley
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With today’s economy or life style change, some are moving into smaller places, downsizing, trading in the larger homes for smaller homes. With all the pieces you accumulate, you try to incorporate them in smaller spaces. No matter what you do, it always feels as though your space is cramped. It’s too small, or at least you think it is. You don’t need to sacrifice that expansive look that you were once accustomed to. Instead, you can still keep that look by following these five tips.

  1. Choose the right wall color. Most spaces look small if painted in deep dark colors. Try using lighter colors. They make a room appear larger and brighter. Get rid of that dark and gloomy look. For example, try light shades of pale yellow or blue. Both colors are cool and calming. The lighter shades of blue gives the illusion of being outside. Thus, you are expanding your space outward.



  1. Consider the scale and the number. The scale and size of the furniture should correlate with the size of the room. Instead of using several pieces, use fewer pieces, as they relate to scale and size.  Instead of using a sofa with armchairs and love seat, use a love seat paired down with armchairs, side table, and maybe ottomans that can be used for additional seating when needed. Ever consider using clear furniture (i.e. glass tables, Ghost chairs)? They trick the eye; because they are transparent they appear as though they do not take up space. Your will need to be creative in furniture placement. Don’t crowd the space with over-sized, overstuffed furniture. Use small scale, clean and simple line furniture when working with limited floor space.

room w glasstables

  1. Consider the floor coverings. Ever thought of using hardwood flooring? If hardwood is not in your budget, use laminate with a wood texture. Why wood floors? The lines from the wood floor create an illusion of a length. The floor alone will make your space appear larger. Here’s another trick, lay the wood floor diagonally. If the wood or laminate floor is still not in the budget, use a light area rug. The light colors also create an illusion of a larger space.

wood floor

  1. Consider the lighting. Lamps are great, but to make a small space seem larger, use overhead lighting like track or recessed lighting, or chandeliers. The overhead light highlights every corner in a room. Use light colored drapery treatments and blinds. Let the natural sun shine in during the day to brighten up the space.
  2. Create a path with few distractions. Arrange your furniture where it creates a path from one side of the room to the other. Use simple lines and furniture arrangements. Consider minimal art and accessories. You don’t want the space to look cluttered and be an obstacle course.



If you use these tips your cramped space will transform into one that looks spacious.

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