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How to Make a Large Space Cozy

Written by Angela S Colley
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Do you have spaces in your home that stick out like sore thumbs because they are massive and sparse? Do they contain furniture that looks lost or out of place? Are the rooms uninviting and as a result you ignore them and pass by them every time in dismay. Stop, now is the time to enter those spaces and transform them into ones that are warm, inviting and most importantly cozy!

Let’s look at a few of the typical problem areas and identify solutions you can use to resolve them.

Use Furniture That Works

Okay, you have a large great room but where do you start.  Areas rugs are great because they help to define a space. Use them in conjunction with furniture to create separate seating areas. Move the furniture away from the walls to fill in the empty floor space (and make the room airy).

In this example two area rugs are used. One is used to create separate seating for socializing. The other has furniture placed to frame the television and fireplace as focal points.



Address Tall Walls

Ceiling heights of eighteen feet or more are also challenging. Install art work or shelves to break up the space.



Incorporate the use of floor to ceiling window treatments, moldings and contrasting paint colors, or large paintings. These options will help close in the area on the tall bare walls.



Those Miscellaneous Spaces

For long hallways or entryways, a side table and or chairs will create simple intimate areas.



Large foyers with stairs can be scaled down with benches, flower arrangements and artwork. A different color in the area will make the space seem small and cozy.

I hope these tips will assist you convert those large obtrusive spaces into ones that are warm, inviting and most importantly cozy!

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